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Team Building is Essential.

Ours might not be a typical startup story where we had an idea and pitched to a group of investors and grabbed that funding round. Ours is simpler than you can think. We were just a bunch of guys who always wanted to tell stories through our lenses or whatever medium we had and that’s how we all connected. Some had other plans and some stuck together to build this amazing brand that we have today as Alchemy Pixels. And we are glad that we all met and we are proud of what we have built so far.

The journey has just begun for us. Our mission is to set a benchmark in terms of quality which has never been seen before. And our aim is to bring out stories from the remote parts of Northeast and the whole of India. The goal is to make feature films about people, their unique stories and life. We want to show the world that Northeast India has huge potential in terms of filmmaking and almost everything can be done here with the existing resources and with the help of the amazing talents we have here.


Behind the scenes


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We work with everyone who has a story to tell – may it be an artist, an individual, a brand, non-profit or a govt. organization.